Counterfeiting in China

Interesting answer about why China has such a problem with counterfeit businesses…

As to why fakery is so rife in China, Rui — like many — blames the Communist Party, which demolished traditional Chinese values.

“People are lacking religion, lacking faith,” Rui says. “They don’t have basic moral standards.”

Unless that changes, fakery will continue, he says.

A blog from 6 years ago I forgot about completely

In my blogging renaissance (ha) I found an old family blog from 6 years ago. Where did the time go?!:

Favorite song from Into the Woods

And it’s right out there to watch:

Tuna product placement

I just had a tuna sandwich for lunch. Why? Because I saw the movie Peabody and Sherman over the weekend and Sherman had a tuna sandwich for lunch (until Penny swiped it to the ground.) So, kudos to the tuna lobby in their product placement.


Am I the only one that rents a Redbox movie and then when the weekend ends and we haven’t watched it I hold on to it for another week? Then I swear I will never do it again but I do anyway.


Hilarious commentary of American football from a Brit

Adding to the hilarity is that some commentators think this is real.

New Soccer Complex in Lee’s Summit?


I just saw this article today, that a developer is proposing a $230 million soccer complex off of View High Drive and I-470 in Lee’s Summit (from what I’ve read, it would be here) and my initial reactions are:

  • Why just a soccer complex? Why no baseball/softball fields? Is it because they don’t want to deal with foul balls/homeruns or something? Or is baseball really being eclipsed by soccer?
  • A hotel at a soccer complex? Again, are there really people who will pay more to stay at a hotel just to be close to the soccer field they will be playing on the next day? and then there will be… APARTMENTS? People are going to want to live here (which isn’t really close to any grocery stores or other services) just to be close to the soccer fields? Oh wait, there will be a grocery store built. What is this, a soccer commune? According to the article it will be a draw for people who work at Cerner. Ok, maybe.
  • Isn’t this similar to the development at New Longview? And by that I mean, kind of far away from most things, and unlikely to get many people out there until there are many people out there? (Catch 22)
  • This is supposed to be a draw for people from coast to coast… but the airport is at least 45 minutes away on the opposite side of KC…
  • Maybe it will be awesome. What do I know. Hopefully if it does come through it will be all it is cracked up to be.