My wife has her own emoticon



First baby born in KC was at Children’s Mercy

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The secret plans for the next Star Wars movies

Interestingly, they don’t follow each other chronologically. The next one, Rogue One, is between 3 and 4 for example:

Star Wars production schedule

Star wars crochet

My daughter who is back from college got a book on how to crochet Star Wars characters and she completed two of them already, learning to crochet in the process. I think they turned out pretty awesome!



Listening to Mike Massé never gets old

Building online curricula and listening to Mike.

The Music World is mourning…

I was sad to hear that Natalie Cole died last night. I liked her music. I was, however, intrigued to hear the phrase, “The Music World is mourning the death of Natalie Cole.” I guess I never knew there was an entire world of music! Where is this planet? I would really enjoy moving there. If anyone knows how to get to The Music World, please let me know.

I would definitely eat at this McDonald’s