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David Bowie died yesterday


Listening to Mike Mass√© never gets old

Building online curricula and listening to Mike.

Happy New Year!


Great Trumpet Soli!

Can you name the tune?

Good: Name the composer

Better: Name the composer and the work it comes from

Best: Name the composer, the work, and the scream in measure 40 

Click the triangle below to listen:

Joshua Bell, Street Musician

Very interesting story about an experiment done by the Washington Post. They asked violinist Joshua Bell to play during morning rush hour in D.C. as a street musician: can even listen to the entire performance. We recently moved from Bloomington, Indiana where Joshua Bell grew up and first studied violin.

Pat Metheny Radio

I just found out that my kids will be going to the same high school that Pat Metheny attended. So I am pleased. I also found out that you can listen to Pat Metheny music for free at his website! Just go to and choose “Pat Metheny Radio” from the audio player in the lower left corner. Full tunes even.