Hilarious commentary of American football from a Brit

Adding to the hilarity is that some commentators think this is real.

New Soccer Complex in Lee’s Summit?


I just saw this article today, that a developer is proposing a $230 million soccer complex off of View High Drive and I-470 in Lee’s Summit (from what I’ve read, it would be here) and my initial reactions are:

  • Why just a soccer complex? Why no baseball/softball fields? Is it because they don’t want to deal with foul balls/homeruns or something? Or is baseball really being eclipsed by soccer?
  • A hotel at a soccer complex? Again, are there really people who will pay more to stay at a hotel just to be close to the soccer field they will be playing on the next day? and then there will be… APARTMENTS? People are going to want to live here (which isn’t really close to any grocery stores or other services) just to be close to the soccer fields? Oh wait, there will be a grocery store built. What is this, a soccer commune? According to the article it will be a draw for people who work at Cerner. Ok, maybe.
  • Isn’t this similar to the development at New Longview? And by that I mean, kind of far away from most things, and unlikely to get many people out there until there are many people out there? (Catch 22)
  • This is supposed to be a draw for people from coast to coast… but the airport is at least 45 minutes away on the opposite side of KC…
  • Maybe it will be awesome. What do I know. Hopefully if it does come through it will be all it is cracked up to be.

Embedding YouTube videos in other applications (such as Articulate Presenter or Storyline)

I was asked recently by a fellow e-learning developer about how to include a YouTube video as a web object in Articulate Presenter. In answering the question I found some excellent documentation, and wanted to share what I discovered:

 When you go to a youtube video, there is a little segment that identifies the video (shown here in red) in the address:

 Copy that identifier (in this case it is 0VqTwnAuHws), then paste it at the end of this text:

 This gives you this new address:

 If you use this version of the address, the video will fill the available area in the web object in Articulate.

 If you want the the video to autoplay when the user gets to the slide, not show related videos at the end, and hide “annotations” (the labels people put over the top of a video), you can format it this way:

 (All the stuff in red and green stays the same no matter what YouTube video you use)

 Again, there is a lot of good information on these parameters here:

How to get your entire LDS Ward directory on your Verizon cell phone for Free

This is kind of advanced, but I wanted to copy it down so I would know how to do it in the future, and I thought some of my geeky LDS friends might appreciate it. If you have one of those new fangled smart phones, you probably don’t have to do all of this.

This requires a free program called BitPim, and it supports numerous phones, but not all. You can see which phones are supported here:

You will also need a cable to connect your phone to your computer. On mine (an LG env-2) this is a standard micro-usb cable. You can get these cheap, e.g.

Download your ward directory from

  1. Go to
  2. Go to your ward website: About The Church > Stake and Ward Web Sites
  3. Sign in
  4. Click Membership Directory
  5. Click vcard(upper right corner of page).
  6. Click OK to acknowledge the message that the information should not be used for personal, political, or commercial purposes.
  7. Choose to Save the file and take note of where it was saved on your hard drive

Use BitPim to transfer the vCard file info to your phone.

  1. Download BitPim:
  2. Connect your phone to your computer with the appropriate cable and see if BitPim recognizes the phone and can communicate with it.
  3. Import all of your data from your phone into BitPim
  4. Import the vCard file you downloaded from into BitPim.
  5. Transfer your data from BitPim back to your phone.

Another way that doesn’t require a cable, and probably works for more phones (but takes some advanced Excel chops)…

Another way to do this is to export as a CSV file from, then manipulate the CSV file until it matches the columns in Verizon’s BackupAssistant CSV format. I would recommend doing this in Excel. The column headings are as follows (but you only need information filled in for First and Last Name or Company and a phone number or email address):

Prefix,First Name,Middle Name,Last Name,Suffix,Company Name,Company Department,Job Title,Business 1 Street Address,Business 1 City/Region,Business 1 State,Business 1 Zip Code,Business 1 Country,Business 2 Street Address,Business 2 City/Region,Business 2 State,Business 2 Zip Code,Business 2 Country,Business 3 Street Address,Business 3 City/Region,... See MoreBusiness 3 State,Business 3 Zip Code,Business 3 Country,Home 1 Street Address,Home 1 City/Region,Home 1 State,Home 1 Zip Code,Home 1 Country,Home 2 Street Address,Home 2 City/Region,Home 2 State,Home 2 Zip Code,Home 2 Country,Personal 1 Street Address,Personal 1 City/Region,Personal 1 State,Personal 1 Zip Code,Personal 1 Country,Personal 2 Street Address,Personal 2 City/Region,Personal 2 State,Personal 2 Zip Code,Personal 2 Country,Personal 3 Street Address,Personal 3 City/Region,Personal 3 State,Personal 3 Zip Code,Personal 3 Country,Other Street Address,Other City/Region,Other State,Other Zip Code,Other Country,Assistant,Business Fax 1,Business Fax 2,Business Fax 3,Business Fax 4,Business Fax 5,Work Number 1,Work Number 2,Work Number 3,Work Number 4,Work Number 5,Callback,Car Phone,Company Main Phone,Home Fax,Home Number 1,Home Number 2,Home Number 3,Home Number 4,Home Number 5,Mobile Number 1,Mobile Number 2,Mobile Number 3,Mobile Number 4,Mobile Number 5,Other Fax,Other Number 1,Other Number 2,Other Number 3,Other Number 4,Other Number 5,Pager 1,Pager 2,Pager 3,Pager 4,Pager 5,Main Telephone,Radio,TTYDD,Telex,Videophone,Voiphone,Primary Fax,School,Anniversary,Assistant Name,Date of Birth,Children,Email Personal,Email Business,Email Other,Gender,Notes,Profession,Spouse,Groups / MobileGroups,Photo,Nickname,Relationship,Time Zone,Marital Status,ICE,Photo Type,IM AIM,IM Yahoo,IM MSN,IM Google,IM ICQ,IM Skype,IM Jabber,IM Other,Web Page Business 1,Web Page Business 2,Web Page Business 3,Web Page Personal,Web Page Other

Then upload to Verizon’s BackupAssistant site for the phone: using the Import Contacts feature. Then resync the phone.

I used the first method on my phone (BitPim method), and then I actually exported my new contacts out of BackupAssistant and reuploaded them to my wife’s BackupAssistant account.

On Facebook’s new layout

Click View Live Feed to make Facebook show ALL content in order (the way it was before).
The Facebook developers recently changed the default homepage so that the stream of recent updates only shows select information (“News Feed”) instead of a more comprehensive stream (“Live Feed”). Someone, (probably well intentioned) started spreading this advice:

If you dont like the new FB here is how you can change it back to the old. Look to the top left menu and click on MORE. Then drag STATUS UPDATES to the top. After dragging to top, click on it. That becomes your default and it is like before. Pass it ……on!

Thinking this to be a good solution, people have been spreading this paragraph like wildfire through Facebook. The problem is, it is incorrect. This does not return Facebook to what it was “like before.” It actually makes what you see much more limited. Facebook only considers something a “Status Update” if it is only text. If you add a photo, link, event, or a video to a status update, it is no longer considered a status update. Instead it becomes a “Shared” item. So if you follow the advice above, you will only see updates that are text-only. This may appear to fix the problem at first, but over time I think people will realize they aren’t getting photos, videos, and links like they did before. For some people that may be fine — maybe they don’t mind missing out on photos in order to get a version of Facebook that is much more succinct (and like Twitter come to think of it).

So if you want to get back to the old Facebook, your best bet (in my opinion) is to click the “View Live Feed” link at the top of your homepage to make Facebook show ALL content in order (the way it was before). And yes, this does include more information than before, such as who friended who, but that is how the old old facebook was that everyone wanted back last time wasn’t it? ;-) I’ve found that when I log out and log back in Facebook even “remembers” how I set this to Live Feed, but your mileage may vary as they say.

Also: If you have more than 250 friends, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the Live Feed, click the Edit Options link, and increase the number of friends to include from 250 to a higher number, otherwise Facebook picks 250 friends for you and excludes updates from those not on this list.

Click Edit Options at the bottom of the Live News Feed to set the number of friends whose updates will show on your Live Feed.
If this number is lower than your number of friends, Facebook will pick whose updates to show you using its own logic.

I’m not really missing

I just have had blogger’s block for a while.

And now, blogging from Windows Live Writer

Not content with  blogging from Word, I am now testing out Microsoft’s other “post-to-your-blog” (even WordPress!) solution, Windows Live Writer.