How to embed Picasa Web video demonstration

UPDATE 01-04-2010: Unfortunately Google has changed the URL scheme for their picasaweb videos so that they expire in 11 hours, making these instructions pretty useless now :-(. Fortunately, videos embedded before this change still work (e.g. the ones on this blog), but I do not know if there is a way to look up these old style of URLs (and I imagine Google wants it that way).

In an earlier post I described how to embed video from a Picasa Web Album. I’ve added a video that shows the steps:


11 responses to “How to embed Picasa Web video demonstration

  1. William,
    As I watched this, I thought of all the times you have carefully explained things to me about using my computer. This is a very helpful demonstration–with a darling baby as a bonus feature.

  2. Awesome thanks so much worked PERFECTLY!!!

  3. Outstanding tutorial. Thank you! But I just found, playing with it, that you don’t need Download Embedded at all!

    Here’s how – On your PWA vid page, right click and select “View Page Info” – then go to the “Media” tab and scroll down till you find the “embed” type… and that’s the vid address. Copy, use your html code as before.

    Thank s again.

    [I posted the same comment over on your other tutorial page – since that’s the first one I found when I Google’d “embed Picasa video.”

    Hope that’s cool.]

  4. Elizabeth McCoy

    Thanks for the info Rob. I can’t use the download embedded extension any more since upgrading to ff3 so this works just as well!!!!

  5. Thanks for the tip. Is there a way to add a thumbnail instead of seeing a black sreen?


  6. Hi,
    Thanks, the method works well for me. One little question: the embedded video starts playing automatically immediately when the page is loaded. I don’t like this. Can I modify the code to prevent autoplay?


  7. Hey Will, just wanted to let you know I did a google search to figure out how to embed a video from picasa in my blog, and your site was the first hit!

  8. Cool Bryan! It’s kind of funny that outside of work, my claim to fame is this post on embedding Picasa video and another on how to use a certain Hitachi breadmaker.

  9. It worked fine first, but but after a while (couple of hours?), I got message “This video is currently not available. Please try again later”. Is there somekind of session time in Picasa server that expired?

  10. What is up with your mouse? It sounds broken or something. Sounds horrible. You should also consider a mouse with a right click button. It’s not 1982 anymore.

    • That sound is what Camtasia adds when you tell it to indicate mouse clicks. It is obnoxious I’ll admit. You should also know that this tip no longer works because Google made their links to video expire.

      How are things at USU?

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