Just got a Hitachi HB-B101 Bread Maker

My wife brought home a great thrift store find today: a bread maker called the Hitachi Automatic Home Bakery HB-B101. She bought it half price for $3.50! It looks like it is in great shape. The only problem is that its manual is missing. I’ve been spoiled by the availability of product manuals online and thought, “big deal! I’ll just find it online.” Well, in this case the manual is pretty good at being a fugitive: No matter how I search for it, all I get is links to other people looking for it, or links to eBay listings where it is selling for upwards of $15. The Hitachi site was not helpful — the only section on bread makers is in Japanese.

Fortunately, our basic recipe is printed on a sticker the side of the machine:

From Hitachi HB-B101

I posted it here because I got the sense from my web hunt that this isn’t printed on every version of this machine.

Another thing we had to figure out is that you have to snap the bread bowl down into place securely before it will let you start the mixing/kneading/baking process. A lot of people (us included) were getting an Error message (blinking E) until we figured this out.

In case someone else who bought one of these didn’t get the recipe, here you go:

MAKING LOAD BREAD (must be a translation thing)

Water: 3/4 cup
Bread Flour: 2 cups
Salt: 1 teaspoon
Sugar: 2 tablespoons
Butter: 1 tablespoon
Dry milk: 1 tablespoon
Dry yeast: 1-1 1/2 teaspoons

1. Pour 3/4 cup of water into the bread pan.
2. Add all dry ingredients except the DRY yeast.
3. Place the DRY yeast on top of the DRY flour. Do not mix.
4. Press the START button

“Your oven-fresh bread will be ready in 4 hours and 10 minutes. It is more convenient if you use the built-in delay timer.”

Thanks to someone who posted at this website, here is the recipe for a large loaf (though I’ve never seen a 9/16 measuring cup before):

Water 9/16 cup (4.6 oz)

Fresh milk 9/16 cup

bread flour 3 cups

salt 1 1/2 teaspoons

sugar 3 tablespoons

butter 1 1/2 tablespoons

dry yeast 1 teaspoon (“bread” setting)

2 teaspoons (“bread rapid” setting)

If anyone who has found the post has an electronic copy of the manual, I’d sure appreciate it. During my search I did find an article about how to use automatic bread makers in general: http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/breadmachinemanual.htm


119 responses to “Just got a Hitachi HB-B101 Bread Maker

  1. I think I’ve got that machine. It’s my 3rd breadmaker. I wore the old ones out (took one to work and made a loaf of bread every day for a year).

    Anyway, and “3 cup” recipe should work. By 3 cup I mean three cups of wheat (usually white) flour, and maybe another cup of grains or non-white flour.

    my favorite recipes are here.

    I usually make the 9-grain, but sometimes the oatmeal as well.

    • Will you re-post your “Favorite Recipes”, please? It is currently a dead link. I, as others posting on this site, have a Hitachi HB-B101 “Automatic Home Bakery”, and I DO have a copy of the MANUAL, but NO RECIPES for this breadmaker, or any that I KNOW will work well in this machine. I would greatly appreciate your assistance with those recipes. Many thanks!

      • Hi, I saw your post and found that I have the Recipe manual for the HB-B102. Don’t know if this will help but I could maybe email it and you could take a look. Let me know.

  2. I just dug the same machine out of my parents garage a few weeks ago. Although, mine does not have the instructions on the inside….I’ve just been figuring it out as I go. I too had the same problem with getting the Error message. The main problem I’m having is knowing when to add raisins for my raisin bread. The recipes I’ve found say that there is a raisin/nut cycle on most machines, or to wait for the beep to signal this before the last knead. Does your machine have anything listed about that, or have you found any info regarding that in your search. Thanks!

    • The setting for raisin bread is called “mix bread” and should also work for nuts and things like that. You can access it by pushing the “Menu” button on the control panel until the light labeled “Mix Bread” is lit. A beeper should sound when it’s time for you to add your raisins! The manual also gives the recommended amount of raisins. For a large loaf, use 3.2 oz, for a medium loaf, use 2.1 oz, and for a small loaf, use 1.1 oz. My apologies for the wonky measurements, apparently it’s supposed to come with a special measuring cup and if you have that the measurements are much neater, it’s 1/2 of the measuring cup for a large loaf, 1/4 of the measuring cup for medium, and 1/8 of the measuring cup for a small one, but since I don’t think it’s a standard measuring cup I’d recommend trying to measure by ounces. Good luck!

  3. I had one of the old “R2D2” models that beeped. It worked pretty well with raisins. I pretty much accept that my Hitachi will tear them up. I’d say to make really good looking raisin bread use the “dough” mode and a bread pan.

    On the other hand, the bread I made recently, when the chopped dates I added disappeared completely, still tasted pretty good. (One cup dates is too sweet for me, next time … 1/4?)

    Dough mode is fun for pizzas too …

  4. I just bought my Hitachi today at the Goodwill for ..get this…$2.00!! Cool huh?! I figured for $2 if it didn’t work I could just take it back or put the parts on Ebay. I brought it home and used the instructions on the sticker for a large loaf. It was great except the crust was too crusty. Hubby hates crusty bread. Do you know how to adjust the crust setting? I, of course, have no instructions for this machine. I have no idea what the settings are. I want to have the machine do the work of mixing and kneading, then I put it into pans for the baking. I have to do this in order for the bread to make normal sized sandwiches for my hubby’s work. Thanks!

    • I just found an old one in a cupboard and luckily my parents had kept the instruction manual, although not the recipe book that is supposed to come with it. I’m not sure if this will solve your problem but there is a setting that changes how dark the crust is. It automatically sets to medium but I think maybe if you were to set it to light, the crust would be a bit softer. You can adjust this by pushing the “Bread Color” button on the control panel. Next to the button should be a couple of lights labeled dark and light. Just keep pushing until “light” is lit, I guess! As a disclaimer, I haven’t done this before and in fact I only found this blog while looking for the recipe book online because I’m headed off to the grocery store to pick up yeast and such and wanted to see it I liked any of the recipes so that I could get the necessary ingredients while I was out. Good luck, I hope it works!

  5. Odograph, Thanks for the link to your recipes! Melody, I’m sorry to say I have no idea about the raisins. And Tori, I can’t believe you beat our $3.50 deal – we shoulda talked them down. 😉 As far as the crust setting goes, unfortunately again I have no idea, although you might experiment with how much yeast you use (just a thought).

    • Will, I bought a hitachi hb b101 at a goodwill this last month and so far I can’t figure out how to get the paddles to go around even when I hear it click into the machine. I printed out a manual and looked there for answer, but no luck….can you help me?

      • That happened to mine after sitting for a few years. I turned the pan upside down and dropped a FEW drops of high-grade oil on the shaft and let it sit upside down for a day. Then I put the paddle in and started to turn it by hand until it loosened up. Works fine now.

      • Your Belt is sliping Like Mine Dont buy a used one it will slip too New belt is 25.00 on the web.

    • Hi, after many years of making bread in the oven and now the bread machine – To get a tender crust add a little more vegetable oil to the dough, it should help. I use about 1 tablespoon -also If making whole wheat I use gulten to make the loaf less crumby and more doughy (2 Table spoons) – I buy mine at the bulk food store – if you buy it already in a box or bag it is quite expensive.

  6. just recovered this HB-B101 from storage,no documents. Would like to know its capacity and if it will handle the ingredients for a 2 lb. loaf.
    thank you.

  7. Now that we have had the bread machine almost a month, I can really vouch for odograph’s white bread recipe. We use it and sometimes substitute 1 or 2 cups of wheat flour for the white flour and it always comes out great! Here is the link again: http://www.odograph.com/experiments/bread/index.html

  8. I’ve been looking all over the net for the manual as well…looks as though you have to buy it:

    From the Hitachi Website US portal…

    You can purchase the owner’s manual or cookbook for your Hitachi model Breadmaker for $10.00 plus a shipping and handling fee through our Authorized Parts Distributor, Pacific Coast Parts.

    Pacific Coast Parts
    Attn.: Hitachi Owners Manual
    2114 SE 9th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97214

    Tel: 800-338-6342 and press 1
    Fax: 800-962-0602.

    This is no good to me in Canada, so if you do get one I don’t suppose you could scan it into your computer and e-mail it to me could you?

    Regards from Cannuckistan!! :o)

  9. Thanks Oli for explaining how to get the manual!

    Here is yet another recipe for a Hitachi bread machine, this time from commenter Trudy Powell at http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf838388.tip.html :

    This recipe came in the book with my Hitachi bread machine. This bread has a really great flavor and is quick and easy to put together. (My bread machine instructs to add the wet ingredients to the pan first).

    7/16 cup tap water
    1 cup fresh milk
    4 cups bread flour
    1-1/2 tsp. salt
    3 tablespoons sugar
    2 tablespoons butter
    1-1/2 tsp. dry yeast (Regular Cycle) or…
    2 tsp. dry yeast (for Bread Rapid Cycle)

    And here is a whole slew of bread machine recipes: http://breadnet.net/

  10. Hi Will. I can beat your deal. =) I got mine for FREE off Freecycle.Org. However, like you, I didn’t have a manual. I have found a scanned version online if you would like it. The address is http://www.larrylynchimages.com/ftp/HB-B101Manual.pdf. I have no affiliation with the site, but I certainly appreciated them sharing. I thought you might too.

    Happy baking!


  11. Wow Jerri! Great find. I especially like all of the cute anthropomorphized bread maker images in the manual. It reminds of a story I heard on Studio360 about cuteness and Japanese culture: http://www.studio360.org/yore/show060405.html (but I digress)

  12. I own a Hitachi HB-B101.
    I have the manual.

  13. Thanks, Jerri! Your scanned version of the manual saved the day for us!

  14. Pingback: BreadMachineDigest.com » Blog Archive » Archive of Bread Machine Manuals

  15. For the preparation of raisin or nut or other breads use the “Mix Bread” cycle on the menu buttons. Add the raisins, walnuts, vegatables, and other ingredients 4 minutes before the kneading process is finished, the machine beeps 3 times to tell you when to add these ingredients.


  16. I have an Hitachi HB-B101 plus the instruction manual that came with it from a thrift shop. I have been baking GREAT breads for several months. Today the “E” signal came on after 4 minutes into the baking process. I have done everything the manual suggests to no avail! Does anyone know where I can call for repairs?? Or ???


  17. just got one at the thrift store too. found an online manual.

  18. We got this machine for free today. Hubby and I drove passed the old church and stopped by for yard sale. Luckily, they were packing and said we could take what in boxes for free, including this one. 🙂 I’ll try those recipes tomorrow. Thank

  19. I just bought this model at a resale shop and it has an instruction manual. I will photo copy it for you . Let me know. IAs I send this I am using it for the first time. Kit

  20. i have a hitachi model HB-201 how do i convert the measurements into something i could understand. example 9/16 cup how much is that? or 3/8 cup? i forgot all my fractions from high school i am 70 years old please help!!!

    • You can divide both the numerator and the denominator by two. For instance, 3/8 becomes1.5/4. So take a quarter cup measure and fill it one and a half times! 9/16 becomes 4.5/8 or 2.25/4. So fill the quarter cup measure 2 and a quarter times. Unfortunately there’s a reason the fractions were kept weird like that, the numbers get kind of messy.

      • ok i get that the numbers get messy, but seeing as i have never baked bread in my entire life, can anyone help me, i have the hitachi hb b101, i also have a regular measuring cup that i’m using, and i also would like to make whole wheat bread with it

  21. Hi I have a Hitachi H B 101
    Would someone be so kind and tell me where i can buy the mixer blade, that slips onto the stem, at the bottom of the mixing bowl, ( a plastic piece about 2 1/2 inches long ) Tried 2 dist. with no luck, say not available any longer! PLEASE HELP’ thank you! Ed
    PS will buy used one if you no longer use your machine? e mail me moiazona@yahoo.com

  22. hey, just wanted to say you guys define the words ‘online community’ … mark, thanks so much for the manual and everyone else, esp. the author here, thanks for the advice and recipes. i can’t wait to try these things out!! karma will come back to you guys ten fold..

  23. Hi Will,

    Here is a link for the complete manual for the Hitachi HB-B101. Thanks to Larry & Kiki Lynch.


  24. I have a Hitachi HB-B101 Bread Machine and I need the mixing blade. Do you know where I can get one? Thanks

  25. Georgia Stefanaki

    I have a Hitachi HB-B100 Bread Machine and I need the mixing blade. Do you know where I can get one? Thanks

  26. I was given this bread machine a few weeks ago without the manual. Thanks to all of you for posting links and other tips, I have really enjoyed baking bread in my machine, and knowing how to use the machine correctly.

    I do have one comment though on Larry and Kiki’s manual. They have hand written in that their machine beeps at 3:38 to add fruit/nuts (on the mixed bread cycle). I found that my machine beeps at 3:45, and actually finishes kneeding the dough at 3:38.

    The first time I made raisin bread, I did not add the raisins until 3:38 (I did not hear it beep a few minutes earlier). Since my machine was done kneeding, I just took the dough out and kneeded the raisins in by hand then put the dough back in the machine. It turned out fine, but I learned my lesson 🙂

    Thanks again to everyone for sharing your tips!

  27. To all HB-B101 fans: Thanks for the link to the manual and all the recipes. I got mine at the Salvation Army store – it was like new. Except the paddle was hard to turn. I removed the shaft clip, took it apart, and cleaned it up. Oiled with a little olive oil. Now it turns great, and the machine was working beautifully – until yesterday.

    I put all the ingredients in the pan, but when I pressed start – nothing. Power was on, and the timer buttons worked, just no start.

    I removed the two screw covers at the top of the control board with a sharp point. I removed the screws and was able to get control board out. Looking in, I saw that the start button was not touching the circuit board; it had slipped out of its plastic clip on that side. When I set it right, and put it all back together, it started up perfectly. Just wanted to pass the couple of points on, because I was ready to trash it. And keep that paddle moving freely. The drive belt is underneath, but parts look pretty hard to find.

    Happy bread making to all, and thanks again for this forum. Great tips!

  28. Thanks guys! Great help, just received one of these guys from a friend…. Now to try it out! MMMM. Bread.

  29. If you are still looking for your bread maker manual with recipes here it is!! http://www.scribd.com/doc/15692789/hitachi-home-bakery-model-hbb101-instruction-manual-recipes-hbb101
    There are also a ton of other manuals for other models. Enjoy and happy baking.

  30. My HB-B101 shows ” LL1 ” blinking LED message and wont go on to light the bake light. I pulled out the control panel carefully and it looks like all the switches are making contact with the board. Anyone know what LL1 means? It had been stored and may have gotten some moisture exposure but all the parts are clean and like new. I’d love to get this working again. I previously developed a walnut bread loaf that was out of this world great.


  31. Jen in Michigan

    Can you believe, NOW when I need the rubber gasket that goes on the pin that turns the blade, they are no longer available!! Mine has finally rotted away…and I have a Oster machine that is terrible, my bread in it never rises, and I have used all their “help” from oester to no avail..oh well, looking at the thrift shops I guess.

  32. Hi all – found a potential supplier for rubber ring (called “packing assembly”) and


    mix blade!


  33. Just got a Hitachi HB-B101 and am using it for the first time. I don’t believe the blade is working. I looked inside and it doesn’t look as if anything is happening. Is sems as if you should be able to see the bread kneading. Any suggestions?

    • Laurie, I saw your comment on your hitachi hbB101 bread machine dated Nov 9, 2009 and wondered if you ever got an answer to your problem. I bought one at a goodwill and the paddle won’t go around after I turn it on. Would appreciate a reply.

  34. I have a very old HB-B101 and the Start and Lock buttons no longer work. Select and Bread Color still work. Any suggestions?

  35. To Cathy: Sounds a lot like the problem I had where the circuit board came out of the plastic clip holder so that the START wasn’t touching the actual control. Check out my post above from July 6. Good luck.

  36. I have a Hitachi HB-B100 Bread Machine and I need the Instruction Manual & Recipes as its hard to find it in mumbai india

  37. Thank you for sharing a recipe I will keep it , I think one my friends has a hitachi bread maker.
    oster bread machine

  38. Loved reading all the comments

  39. Loved reading all the comments receipes. Love my machine looking for another

  40. I bought LIGHTLY USED Hitachi at the home of one of our student’s family yard sale. Teachers can’t afford a new one;) They could not find the recipe book, so I went online and a nice man had posted his complete with his notes. I tweaked them a bit because I don’t keep dry milk and we are very happy with the large,
    wheat loaf.
    Yesterday I bought a loaf of SF Sourdough bread to take to the Superbowl party at my son’s. Hubby already opened it for Saturday lunch. Does anyone have a recommendation of bread to make in my Hitachi bread maker that will suffice for dipping hot artechoke dip tomorrow?

  41. I recently bought a hitachi machine at the salvation army thrift store for $15.00, this is my 3rd machine, Welbuilt that I gave to my daughter (sorry for that mistake) then I bought an Oster and never had a decent loaf there, thougth I would give this SA find a try and am thrilled, near perfect loaves every time and so thankful for this site and the fact that I printed the manual free. Thanks so much.

  42. i have a pdf file of that manual if you need it

  43. please send me a copy of manual

  44. Any one have a manual for a GoldStar HB-036 E? Bought it at a yardsale, looks new but no book.

  45. The web site (parts store) for the mixing blade no longer has them!! (Hitachi HB- B 101 model) Where do we go from here? Thanks for the helpful site VERY helpful.

    • I found my mixing blade on e-Bay. Give it a whirl. I was thrilled to get my machine up and running again!

  46. I am looking for a replacement mixing blade for my Hitachi HB-B101.

    I tried Google, Ebay and all suggestions to no avail.

    Please let me know where I can get one or if anyone is willing to sell one..


  47. I have the same breadmachine, and I have both the manual and the automatic home bakery cook book HB-101. There is one question I do have about the cookbook. The “Dough” Menu has the recipe for the dinner rolls; the ingredients has to put 1/2 an egg in there (how do i do that) what happens to the other 1/2 egg? can anyone help my email is dmilho_2002@yahoo.com I greatly appreciate it.

  48. I have a Pink Japanese Bread Machine. Everything is written in Japanese, I can’t read Japanese. The instructions that came with it are in english for HB-B101 but the buttons shown on the machine and the buttons shown in the pictures in the book are nothing alike. The outside size appears to be the same. Buttons on mine are on the front not on the top. Can anyone help. Thanks, Jan

  49. Forgot to leave my email on post about Japanese bread machine.

  50. I have the HBB101, for over 15 years. Absolutely love it.

    Try to find “The Bread Machine Cookbook” by Gorman,

    Also volumes II-VI.

    For the B101, put the ingredients in backwards with the yeast followed by the liquids.

  51. Here is the free manual for the bread maker you are looking for. Have fun!!! http://tv.manualsonline.com/mdownloads/221dccd5-1019-05f4-6d38-fcf3e5de485f.pdf

  52. I have the same bread machine as you do. I got Betty Crocker’s Best Bread Machine Cookbook from amazon.com and I love it!

  53. I have the hitachi hb-b101 bread machine and the belt broke. Does anyone know where I can purchase the belt? I love this machine and want it to work again!!! 🙂

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  55. I just picked up the HB-B102 from a garage sale. I didn’t come with the manual / recipe book. After some lengthy scouring of the internet, I found one posted (with a lot of ads). I cleaned it up and have a straight .pdf of the manual. If anyone needs it, just let me know.

  56. I have a Hitashi Bread maker HB-B101, and it did not come with a manual,
    and I would love to make bread, I have been looking on UTube and the internet for a manual and it is hard to find a manual or one that’s free.

  57. http://www.manualowl.com/m/Hitachi/HB-B101/Manual/72239 I just bought one today and here is the manual online for it…
    Hope this helps

  58. My HB-B101 was out of service for several years. Wound up with a frozen shaft. Turned it upside down, gave it a shot of WD-40 and two drops of 3 in 1 oil. Wiggled the blade a few times. Problem solved. Can’t wait to see if the machine still bakes. Don’t care if the first loaf tastes like WD-40.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  59. http://www.manualowl.com/p/Hitachi/HB-B101/Manual/60176 lets you download a free copy of the Hitachi bread maker. I recently purchased one at a alley sale for $1.00 manual recipe book and all but the only thing missing is the mixing blade. Does anyone know where I can purchase it. As well the web page Manual Owl gives you free manuals for most things. If you are in search of something

  60. Need the recipe for jam. Does anyone know the basic? Thanks pat

    • I have the Hitachi HB-B201 breadmaker, and have been using my machine since the early 1990’s. I have never tried the “jam” recipe, but here it is from the recipe book:
      Main ingredients: 9-1/2 oz strawberries
      3 oz. sugar (3/8 measuring cup)
      1 T fresh-squeezed lemon juice(15 ml)
      or 9 oz. blueberries
      5/16 cup sugar (2-1/2 oz)
      or 9-1/2 oz apricot
      1/2 cup sugar (3-3/4 oz.)

      The blueberry and apricot jams don’t call for the lemon juice.

      Have the full-color manual and the “use and care” manual for this model in case someone wants me to scan. Great machine! I didn’t realize how long I’ve owned it until I pulled out all manuals, including sales receipt.

      • If you are still willing to scan and send these manuals, I would really appreciate it. I don’t need for them to be in color.

  61. I found the link for the HB-B101 bread maker user guide. I was able to download it and store in my documents I have for appliances/tool without manual. Now if I could only find the measuring cup and spoon that is supposed be used with it.

  62. I haven’t read all 83 comments, so the answer may lie there. I just wondered if you could tell me quickly if anyone has mentioned if the mixing blade/paddle for the Hibatchi Automatic Home Bakery HB-B201 is the same as the previous models B101 and B102? I appreciate your help!

  63. Just saw this post as I have the same Bread Maker since new. I have now experienced needing a new belt. (Slipping). I have the complete set of manuals. I always take care of anything that I buy. This has been a fabulous bread machine and I want to get it back to making bread. I will be happy to scan the book(s) for you and send them to you. Email me if still interested.

    • Hi Bruce, I cannot find the recipe book that comes with this machine. Would you mind scanning and emailing to me? lilacroses0521 at hotmail. Thank you!

      • My books are in storage now, but this lady produced three. She was/is a bread diva, Navy wife.

        Check regular sources.


        BUT reverse the insertion of ingredients!

        The HB B101 should last your life, should you live so long. Will it to your grandchildren.

        Keep the thing clean. You can use a wrench below, to make it work, when it ever locks up.


  64. Would like to buy a used Hitachi HB-101, reasonably priced.

  65. Thanks.

  66. Super helpful, thanks!!!!!!

  67. I didn’t read all of the comments and this is 5 years after you posted this…but here is one I found…lol


  68. I own a Hitachi HB B101. I have used it successfully for many years.
    The best recipes I have found are in the following book:
    Bread Machine Magic by Linda Rehber & Lois Conway (St. Martin Press)
    This book gives great advice + 130 recipes.
    My children & grandchildren love the pizza I make with their pizza dough recipe.
    UNFORTUNATELY I made some yesterday and now I can’t find the paddle/mixing arm. I have searched everywhere (even my trash) to no avail.
    And now I am having a hard time finding a replacement online. “abtechparts” used to have it but it is now no longer available
    Can anyone help? Thanks!

  69. I have a HB-B102 if anyone can email me a manuals copy I would greatly appreciate it.


  70. Here’s a link to the Instruction Manual for the Hitachi Automatic Home Bakery HB-B101 which includes a basic bread recipe. It’s free and this site might have a lot of other bread machine owner’s manuals as well. http://www.manualslib.com/manual/356413/Hitachi-Hb-B101.html

  71. So did anyone ever find a download of thr HB-B101 recipe book?

  72. I have a manual. Do you need it? I could scan it in & email it to you??

  73. ‘electric bread’ is my favorite book for breads. it includes troubleshooting.
    large and regular loaf sizes and differing yeast types also with hints to adding extras. this is for many bread machines, called fool proof breads.

  74. I found the manual for this machine easily and I printed it. Although, I do not have the measuring devices. So thank you so much for the recipe you shared.

  75. I have the manual but I did not have the measuring cup or spoon so the manual was useless to me because it gives no measurements! Thank you for this post I am going to try it out!

  76. I have a Hitachi bread machine for over 20 years same exact one that you have. works great you can use any bread recipe for this machine but you do need to place the wet ingredients first at all times. I bake my bread in the oven instead of the machine it comes out a lot better .

  77. My daughter have me hers when she moved but no manual wild love to try it so if you did find the manual if live to have it as well…. thanks

  78. I’m looking for a copy of a bread machine RECIPE Manual that I had years ago. It came with a bread machine but I’m not positive which one. (I’ve had many thru the years.) I THINK it came with my Hitachi bread maker. The recipe book was a big (as in maybe typing sheet sized) paperback book. The 2 recipes I’m mostly looking for are the Dinner Rolls and also there was a recipe in there to make “turtle” or “rabbit” shaped bread. I think the front of the book had a lot of yellow on it?? (Sorry I don’t have a very good memory.) Anyway, if anyone has that book, I’d like to either buy the book, or buy the pdf scans, or at least have the 2 recipes out of it. Thank you. Please email me at AppyHorsey@windstream.net

    • Just emailed you the manual, which has some recipes in it.

      • THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I can’t tell if this is the Dinner Roll recipe I’m looking for, or not, but I’ll know when I taste it. THANK YOU again for taking the time to send it to me. Have a GREAT YEAR!! You deserve it!!

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