SplashID – your personal memorizer of passwords

I was trying to think of what I could write about that might be helpful to someone out there, and I realized that there is a software application that I love. I love it because it saves me from trouble frequently, the trouble being not being able to remember a password, ID #, username, account number, or other extremely left-brained piece of info when someone (or some website) asks me for it.

The tool is called SplashID (I’m not sure where the Splash comes from, other than it is developed by a company called Splashdata that has a bunch of other useful apps). I run it on my Windows laptop and my Palm Z22 — there is a version for each, and even a Mac version.

SplashID is like having a little personal database of tidbits of information you can lock up with a single password. Every time I set up a new account somewhere, like at a bank, or blog site, or public library, I enter the same data into SplashID. Then, when I can’t remember this information later (which happens almost every time I try to log in somewhere), all I have to do is open the application, enter my SplashID password, and wa-la, using a powerfully simple find feature I find the info I need, click the handy copy to clipboard button, and paste it where it needs to go.

The beauty of this application is that it syncs perfectly with my Palm. So if I don’t have my laptop, I can whip out my $89 Palm Z22 and instantly find the information I need. This application alone is worth buying a cheap Palm. It saves me all the time. For example, I’m at the store and can’t remember the PIN to my debit card (Bank of America pins are 6 digits!). I just whip out my Palm, write in my SplashID password and quickly find my PIN number.

Maybe a better example is a time when you have to access information you haven’t used forever. For example, your PC crashes and you reinstall your expensive Photoshop application only to realize you don’t remember your 94 digit registration code. No problem! Whip out SplashID, and there it is from when you entered it 2 years ago.

Or maybe you haven’t posted anything on your blog for over 3 months (like me) and you can’t remember how to log in to WordPress. Just fire up your SplashID application from your PC and within a few seconds you are in business again!

Palm version:

Palm version of SplashID

Windows Version:

Windows Version of SplashID

Mac Version:

Mac Version 

Find it at http://splashdata.com


3 responses to “SplashID – your personal memorizer of passwords

  1. Will, I need this! Thanks!

  2. Cool, Will. What if you forget your splashID password?!

  3. Forgetting your splashID password would be a bad bad thing. The beauty of it though is that because it becomes one of the passwords that you use the most often, you are less likely to forget it!

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