Can you name the tune?

Good: Name the composer

Better: Name the composer and the work it comes from

Best: Name the composer, the work, and the scream in measure 40 

Click the triangle below to listen:


4 responses to “Can you name the tune?

  1. Linda (your mom)

    Could it be the theme of the march from the L’arlesienne Suite by Bizet? If I’m correct, do I get a prize? 🙂

  2. Linda (your mom)

    P.S. The scream must be one of your cute children, right?

  3. You are 100% correct! I had fun a while back with my upgrade to Finale (if you haven’t heard of it, you can think of it as the Microsoft Word of Music), playing with the new more realistic sounding instruments and entered this score from an old original that my Grandfather had in his dance band library.

  4. And actually the scream is the famous Wilhelm scream:

    (Wilhelm also happens to be my name in German!)

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