Doneness indicator in creative applications

I just thought of a feature I would like in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc…

Sometimes I get a section of text just how I want it. In other places within the document I have just started or the copy is really rough, but I want to come back to it later. It would be nice to be able to flag sections of documents/slideshows/spreadsheets with an indicator that tells me what I’ve finished and what still needs work. That way every time I open a document I don’t have to get all reacquainted with what needs work and what doesn’t. It would also make it easier to jump around the document when I work because I wouldn’t be afraid of leaving something undone.

It could be something as simple as highlighting the text and choosing “needs revision” or “final version” from the right-click menu. It would be like a text style, except that it wouldn’t change the style of the text — it would just give it a semantic tag. Maybe I could use bookmarks for this in Word, and regions in Excel, but I don’t know how I would do it in PowerPoint.

(This post would be tagged as “needs revision).


One response to “Doneness indicator in creative applications

  1. Great idea, Will! Most of my documents would be considered “rare” to “medium-well” on the done-ness scale.

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