Vonage – don’t believe the hype

My landlady was kind enough to find a way for me to get free long distance. She already provides wireless internet in my apartment, and so she thought adding a Vonage phone would also be a nice perk. Nice if it actually worked! She worked with them for over 30 days trying to get a decent connection and it never even got to the point where you could have a conversation with someone. Then when she called to cancel, they charged her a $180 disconnect fee, telling her that she had already passed the 30 day trial period. I wonder if they will add this to their “What people are saying about Vonage” homepage banner: RIP OFF.


One response to “Vonage – don’t believe the hype

  1. Will, I just refound your blog! Hello again!! I put a link to here from my blog, so I’ll be able to find it again.

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