a patience epiphany

I think I made a major realization today. The high tech information saturated world we live in easily gives the illusion and sensation of getting something done quickly. It is a powerful feeling to click a link and see the weather forecast immediately, look up a word on google and find information, or write a few paragraphs and press a button and see them published. The problem is that worthwhile activities still take time and patience.

Once you’ve found the information, reading it and processing it still takes time. Good writing still takes time. Learning takes time. Cleaning your house takes time. So it is easy to start an activity that is going to take a lot of time and patience, but even easier to be tempted to switch over to an activity that seems to bring immediate results.

My goal from now on is to intentionally invest in activities that require patience, and catch myself when tempted to move to an activity (like checking e-mail) that seems to provide an immediate payoff.


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