Why CC yourself?

Why do some people put their own e-mail addresses in the CC field of an e-mail? This always makes me wonder. Maybe it gives them reassurance that the message was received if a copy comes back? I just can’t figure out why you would want two copies of the same message: one in your sent box, and one in your inbox. Do you CC yourself? If so, WHY?


4 responses to “Why CC yourself?

  1. Been a while, hasn’t it Will?

    At work, or on anything where follow-up is important at home, I BCC myself … that way I have a trail for myself w/o having to trudge through the ‘sent’ box and because then I have the full trail in threaded fashion. And that way, the other person is not wondering why I cc’d myself 😉

  2. Hey Jason! Thanks for being my reader. It is nice to know that you found my blog!
    Thanks for the explanation. This makes sense – I usually end up flipping back and forth between sent and inbox, and so I can see the advantages to having them in the same place. I use gmail for my personal e-mail account, and if you haven’t tried it, it does a pretty good job of keeping “conversations” together automatically, though sometimes if the subject title changes, it doesn’t connect the conversation. Or, if someone happens to use the same subject title, it gloms two conversations together that don’t belong.

  3. Michael Rogers

    Sure. I have 3 computers, iPhone and iPad. I send messages from each of these devices. That way I will always have a record of what was sent at hand.

  4. You first see you inbox instead of sent items. So it would be really effective to remind yourself about the things that you need to do.

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