After reading David Pogue‘s enthusiastic review of the Animusic DVDs in December, we made them a Christmas present for the family this year. These have a hypnotic effect on anyone who watches them. Everything that happens in the animation is synched precisely with the music. They are computer graphics environments that are powered by music files. By this I mean that what happens in the music dictates what happens in the animation. So if the music file says the guitar is supposed to play a scale, not only does a synthesized guitar play a scale on the soundtrack, but the computer-generated animation of a guitar shows itself playing the same scale.

Of course this is just a simple example — all kinds of other things are animated by the music. Futuristic musical instruments, things that look like organic neon onions, and Amazon-temple-like structures that rise from the ground lobbing plasma blasts from column to column, are all just a few examples of some of the things that are powered by the music. You can see some video clips at the website that will give you a better idea.

If you have iTunes or Windows Media Player, you are probably familiar with the “Visualizations” that make images based on the music. Animusic combines something like this with the mind of a creative animator. It keeps you mesmerized in a way similar to how watching a fire or a waterfall does in nature.


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