Live blogging Super Bowl XL (commercials)

8:58 I’m getting signals that it is time to put the kids to bed, so I am signing off. Sorry to disappoint all of my readers. The Seahawks are back in the game! 10-14. All I can say is that if they lose by less than a touchdown, things are going to look like that Bush-Gore election — they’ll have to take it to the supreme court.8:56 PM Cruchwrap supreme from Taco-bell. These would be good if they didn’t have nacho cheese sludge inside them. I think I heard that these are supposed to be designed for people to eat while driving, since most tacos tend to spill on you.8:55 People literally working with a bunch of monkeys and donkeys. There sure are a lot of office-humor ads this year, aren’t there?8:50 People walking around, lounging at the pool, etc. in green bunny suits. Oh, they are preventing the spread of bacteria. With hokey whistle-music in the background. It is announcing some new type of cleaning product. Is this supposed to be some kind of cammoflauged bird-flu scare tactic to use their product? “Use our product or else everyone will be walking around in bunny-suits”?8:49 Looks like an ad from Sky High (the movie). Godzilla meets huge robot and doesn’t destroy a red vehicle. Nope it is a hummer ad.8:44 Ad for “NFL mobile” My thoughts: People who will pay extra to get NFL scores on their mobile phone might want to consider seeing a psychiatrist.8:43 Fabio shampoo. I fell for this one at first. I’m not sure what this insurance company is trying to pull by making me feel like my life is going to be over before I know it. It just makes me want to avoid the whole subject.8:41 A horse ad. Is this advertising horses? A dog. This has got to be a lame budweiser commercial. Clydesdales. I couldn’t hear what the old guy said at the end. I guess the message is “buy beer because our horses are so dedicated.”8:34 Sharpie retractable permanent marker ad. I liked it. Nice touch where the pirate mascot signs an autograph and writes an “X” for his signature. I would probably buy this product the next time I need a Sharpie.8:33 Ameriquest ad: Airplane scene with woman trying to get past a man in her same row who is asleep. Glad my kids are playing on the computer right now and not watching. Very poor taste.8:32 Ouch. 75 yard touchdown for the Steelers. 14-3 Steelers.8:27 Showing footage yet again that proves the Steelers fooled the refs on that first touchdown.8:24 “I’m going to Disney World” — a commercial with players practicing saying this phrase for the end of the game. So, does this mean Disney secretly pays them a commission for saying that? So-so funny – looks like it was thought up in a business meeting.8:22 Some medical show ad. Oh yeah CODE BLACK. Grey’s Anatomy. Haven’t seen that show before. Looks like ER: Next Generation.8:20 Local Ad for Menards, a big hardware store that also sells a lot of candy, go figure. Then here comes our Governer talking about a program called “Help thy neighbor.” Local news has an ad on now. “You can watch us now or call 6 later” is the slogan. What does that mean?8:19 Ok so I have to admit it did take me back to high school dances to hear them sing “I can’t get no satisfaction.” It looked like it was a men only stage for half time — must not be taking any chances this year.8:14 Is that really Mick Jagger? His voice doesn’t sound the same. Maybe they took everything down half an octave. I thought his voice was higher.8:11 I’ve always found the Stones music to be way too repetitive. How many times do they play the same eight note pattern? Also,the guitars sound like my cheap car stereo speakers when I turn up my radio past 5. They are overrated in my book.8:07 Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger sounds a little out of breath. “Start me up” – It doesn’t look prerecorded at least. Otherwise the singing would be better. How do you get to stand in that stage pit in the tongue? The people jumping up and down look like whack-a-moles.8:04 What?! LOST sacrilige. That isn’t the film from the hatch. That is footage from that “Addicted to Love” video by… Arnold Palmer? (Can’t remember singer’s name) How can they mess with this show like this? Ok. So I am addicted to LOST. Funny.8:03: Code Black on Grey’s Anatomy – That means a tornado or other weather-related natural disaster. At least it did at the hospital I worked at.Forum Credit Union: I liked this one. I think I will try this at our local grocery store to annoy the checker. Nah.Nationwide. Kind of funny. We had one of those swings when I was a kid.I don’t watch Desperate Housewifes, so, eh, who cares. Not funny.7:57 – an ad for the superbowl. Why?? Isn’t this kind of preaching to the choir? Oh wait, it is an NFL feel good commercial.7:56 – What? I can’t tell what that guy did to the other guy on the Sprint commercial. Must be my fuzzy reception.What was the deal with giving Pittsburg that first touchdown? Can’t they take back plays in the NFL on instant replays?Since my in-laws are from Seattle, I am rooting for the Seahawks on this game.


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