Jazz galore

If you love jazz, you’ve got to try Pandora.com. You tell it the name of an artist you like, and it plays music by the artist and by other similar artists. As you listen you tell it whether you like what you are hearing, and it learns your tastes as you go. The best part? It is FREE and HIGH QUALITY sound. (Oh and if you like popular music, it works with that too.) Too bad there isn’t classical music. Hopefully it will be added someday.

One cool feature is that you can create multiple “stations” where you can basically give yourself multiple personalities. Maybe today I am into fusion, so on the fusion channel I mark everything fusion as something I like, while bebop gets the thumbdown. But tomorrow I want to listen to bebop, so I create a new channel and everything but bebop gets the thumb down. Or maybe I decide that today I like listening to Spanish pop ballads. By giving you multiple stations, it allows you to rate the music according to your tastes at the moment.


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